Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning in Malaysian School

Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning in Malaysian School

1.0  Problem statement
            ICT Application have become an important part of teaching and learning. The Ministry of Education has invested a huge effort in terms of funding and training to equip teachers and students with ICT skills. What are the issues and challenges when ICT is being integrated in teaching and learning in Malaysian schools?

2.0  Introduction
Nowadays, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is become part of our daily lives and act as an important medium for us. ICT is related to all forms of computers communications equipment and software which used to create, design, store, transmit, interpret and manipulated information. On the other words, ICT is the key for much innovation, including significant health innovation and also environmental solution. ICT integration is a basic tool and it is has many function especially in instruction, education and teaching and learning process. Everyone needs a basic understanding of ICT so that they can efficiently participate in this modern technical society.

3.0  Issues And Challenges
However, in Malaysian education, ICT integration in learning and teaching process also encounter some challenges. As we all know, there are wide gaps in the use of ICTs between rural and urban area. When the number of computers is insufficient, only some students can use them. Students have to share computers and they might feel uncomfortable. Their concentration in the class will be effected as they are interested to talk to each other and make noise. Hence, Ministry Of Education should give incentive to students such as free notebook to each student and provide wireless network coverage in their neighbourhood.
More knowledge based on technology is sufficient in human life especially for the teachers. The lacks of knowledge and skills to use ICT among teachers have become a big issue in integrating ICT in our Malaysia school. Hence, it is important to approaches the integration of ICT in trainee teachers. The aim is to develop skills and appropriate knowledge among trainees for using and integrating the correct technology in an appropriate manner. ICT are evolving technology, and so even the most ICT fluent teachers need to continuously upgrade their skills and keep update of the latest technology.
An expensive operating cost to maintain all the equipment and software also become cliché issue faced by school administration. Maintenance of the software (curriculum contents) is relentless. Most of the equipments and software is very sensitive, complicated and expensive. Moreover, the maintenance of the equipments must constantly supervise. Getting more industry players and the community to be involved in schools projects as part of smart partnerships may lower the costing of the equipment and software maintenances. The contract will ensure the maintenance provided by partnership is affordable. Hence, the teachers will not face any problem when using ICTs in their classes as the equipment is maintained well every month.

4.0  Conclusion
Not withstand the issues and challenges in integrating ICT in teaching and learning in our Malaysian school are cliché, it must not be ignored as we need to clear the issues. On that note, a drastic change in the mindset of the school staffs, community and students are needed in order to transform the curriculum and assessment with ICT as the key enabler. Integrating ICT in school is focus on producing creative, innovative and critical students as outlined in the National Education Philosophy.


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