Data Logging

Our next assignment is on Data Logging. Data logging is about how to create an experiment which involve sensor. Most of our physics experiment involve a sensor. By using a sensor, we can automatically get the result as the data just log in into the table or graph. By using sensor, the calculation or observation or the result may become more accurate.

Data logging consist of several steps of experiment.

1. engage - give an idea or situation. make more questions.

2. empower - planning and doing and experiment involving a sensor. The experiment chose must suitable to the idea or problem stated. get the result in form of tables or graph or etc. make a observation and discussion from the result

3. enhanced - how to develop the result. Further discussion or experiment is take place. develop the concept.

4. extension - give another problem related. find the new technologies and techniques involved.

There are several experiment can be conducting. However, my group chose to observed he heat transferred by radiation. The heat transferred is base on its wavelength. This step helps us to develop an idea and how to use a sensor to make the experiment more efficient and easier.


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