Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning


At the beginning of the semester, we are gave an assignment on how to Integrating ICT in School. We need to write an essay for ten pages and also presented it on lecturer and others classmate.

In our finding information regarding ICT and how to integrating it in school, we found lots of information, even, we also found some challenges faced by students, teachers and also the school itself.

There are several factors that became obstacles to integrating ICT. However, every problems will have it own solution.

Integrating ICT in school may faced lots of challenges, however if students, teachers and government co-operate, this dream will become true.

Hence, as beginner, I think it is important to us to learn as much as we can about multimedia. This can help us to apply all the skills and knowlegde when we are become teachers, one day.

To be a future-teachers, we need to prepare ourself with the ICT.


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