Sunday, 25 November 2012

Video Movie Maker

Today is about how to make a movie by using window movie maker.

Firstly, find the window movie maker on your computer/lappy. You can find it by click on All Program and then browse until you see window movie maker.

This is how your movie maker looks like. It's depend on every lappy/computer. This is an old version of movie maker. I'm just have this one. So, I just further my movie making by using this free software. Before start to make a video, you should take a look at the box list at the upper side. This may help you in producing an interesting video.

Then you may click 'click here to browse for videos and pictures'. This may brought you to your files, you can choose any pictures of yours.

This is how it's look like when you've done inserting your favorite pictures. Now, we can start to animate the pictures.

Just Click at the light pink box to edit the sentence. You may used your creativity to make a title to your video.

 Now click format and choose one of word animation.

This is the step to animate your pictures.

When you just finishing animate your pictures, just click at 'Save movie' to save your hardwork.

This a video that I'm produce by using this software, it is save in wmm format. The quality of the video is not so satisfied. Then I'll produce another video by using the same software by in another format.

This software is free, just can browse All Program and click the Window Movie Maker


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